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Many people are under the mistaken belief that landscaping amounts to a little more than cutting grass.  The truth is quite different.  In 1998, landscape design company on Long Island, Splendor Landscaping, began the process of slowly phasing out lawn maintenance.  Instead, we chose to focus on a task far more rewarding to both our customers and ourselves. 

Landscape is a vital service offered to our Suffolk & Nassau County customers.  Its purpose is twofold.  First, we strive to beautify your property, in both classic and unique ways, to make your outdoor living space the envy of your neighbors.  Second, we understand that when done properly, landscape can have long lasting positive efits on your homes property value.  In short, landscaping isn’t trivial, but an investment that can bring financial gain and a beautiful property… that is, when done properly. 

Since 1998 we have focused nearly exclusively on landscaping.  In the process, we have served over 1,000 properties, both residential and commercial.  Our company has grown as a direct result of the talents of our employees.  Trained in all the most innovative methods of landscaping, our staff can offer you ideas that others don’t even know exist.  To boot, our staff will treat you as no less than a neighbor, as in many cases, that’s exactly what we are.  It is these traits that have made Splendor Landscapes one of the most trusted names in the business, we also specialize in all phases of masonry including driveways, walkways & patios. Splendor Landscaping uses the best quality materials to secure a long lasting fresh look for years. Splendor Landscaping is one of the companies in Suffolk County that uses Cambrige Paving Stones & Nicolock Paving Stones. Splendor Landscaping uses only the finest Cambrige Pavers & Nicolock Pavers in Suffolk County.

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