Long Island Stoops And Steps

Stairs are one of the most functional ways to work with transitional levels of a landscape, allowing for ease of access in settings that contain grades or slope conditions. Stairs can be utilitzed to provide definition of space, while enhancing the aesthetic quality of your surroundings. Long Island stoops and steps contractors, Splendor Landscaping have been building & installation beatuful designs since 1993.

There are many different options from which to choose when you're thinking of beautifying your landscape with stone steps. The most important question is what is the intended usage? Are the steps just functional -- a connecting point between two areas? Are they part of a path with a severe slope? Accessibility is also an important consideration.

No matter your personal preference, there are several types of material that can help you achieve the right look for your landscape. You may choose a more rustic look and go with stone that's irregular with curvilinear edges. You may desire a more polished presentation with flat stone that has linear and squared edges. The stone you select should blend well with its landscape, drawing upon materials used in the architecture of your home or included in the natural surrounding environment.

Besides functionality and material variety, steps can also help to create a sense of space. Whether it's a cascading array of natural slabs or a creative layout of bluestone treads and veneer risers, the use of steps emphasizes focal points and transitional passages, enhancing the quality of your outdoor environment.

When planning the location for steps, always be mindful of surface drainage. Conditions that are conducive to water run-off to the step location will make for icy conditions in the winter. Our landscape design specialists at Splendor Landscaping will be happy to assist you in making informed decisions like these.

The layout and design of your staircase should strike a between between aesthetics and practicality. Remember, your staircase must be accessible to many types of people: children, the elderly, the mailman, the babysitter and the landscaper. The rise and run of your steps are important to keep the pace from being uncomfortable and awkward when someone walks up or down.

There are different types of stone from which to choose. What you select will partly depend on what types of steps you are creating. Bnluestone steps are popular because they are a natural stone and look great with brick. When choosing the material selection for your steps it can be beneficial to maintain a cohesive look to the rest of the landscaping on your property. Whether you're looking to build a new staircase and or upgrade that brittle old existing one and give your property a revitalized appearance, contact the experts at Long Island stoops and steps builders, Splendor Landscaping for a free price quote of all your options.